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Power Transformers for Solar Farm in Spain

Łódź, Poland, September 2019 – For the international construction group Aldesa, ZREW will deliver two power transformers to a solar farm in Spain. ZREW has already cooperated successfully with the Polish division of Aldesa and is now part of a project with Aldesa Spain.

Solar Transformers for Russia

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, September 2019 – Together with its partner LLC Terra Tok, a Russian electrical systems distributor, Tesar delivered a total of 30 cast resin transformers to five different solar plants in Russia. The project required specially designed triple-storey transformers with minimal height.

Seawater resistant connectors for oil platform

Sissach, Switzerland, September 2019 – Hakuryu 10 is an oil platform used in the Middle Eastern region. After ten years in use, the connectors and units need to be exchanged. With its partner Controlin, Rauscher & Stoecklin delivered seawater and corrosion resistant connectors and units to the platform manager Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.

Cooperation with Siemens for Hungarian Railways

Plzeň, Czech Republic, September 2019 – SERW cooperates with Siemens on the rehabilitation of the switching stations of the Hungarian Railways. The company will deliver a total of 8 medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers through its strategic partner for the Hungarian market, GLOB. The circuit breakers of SERW are approved as a standard product of the Hungarian Railways due to high satisfaction with projects in the past.

New Modern Testing Station For Power Transformers

Łódź, Poland, September 2019 – The new 290 sqm testing station officially opened at the headquarters of ZREW Transformatory in Łódź, Poland. The features and advantages of the new testing station will help ZREW take a huge step forwards in the development of transformers. The opening was celebrated with a joyful ceremony.

Reliable power for Tesla charging stations

Sissach, Switzerland, August 2019 – US-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, wants to expand its four existing charging stations, so-called "superchargers", in Pratteln, Switzerland to 28 stations. Because of the lack of the necessary power supply in this area, a new transformer station will be built and Rauscher & Stoecklin has been awarded with the delivery of a 1000 kVA distribution transformer.

Investments into galvanization shop

Plzeň, Czech Republic, August 2019 – The Czech switching device manufacturer, SERW, decided to renew its galvanization shop in order to offer its customers qualitatively higher products as well as to introduce more efficient processes. The company invested over 0.5 million Czech korunas to refurbish the coating baths with a newly installed cooling system.

9 MVA Transformer for CERN, Switzerland

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, August 2019 – For the world’s largest and most respected centre for scientific research, Tesar supplies a 9 MVA transformer. The transformer successfully passed the short circuit test in the high power laboratory of CESI in Milan and will now be installed at CERN in Switzerland. Over the past 20 years, Tesar has supplied more than 200 transformers to the scientific research centre.

Low loss power transformers for Latvia

Łódź, Poland, August 2019 – ZREW Transformatory will supply 8 low loss power transformers for AS Augstsprieguma tikls (AST), an independent transmission system operator in the Republic of Latvia, which provides electric power transmission network services and ensures the balance and stability within the transmission networks.

Transformers for Amazon’s new logistics facility

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, July 2019 – For the new Amazon logistics centre in Rovigo, in the north-eastern area of Italy, Tesar will supply 8 cast resin transformers. Once up and running, the new facility will create more than 2.000 new jobs.

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