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Low loss power transformers for Latvia

Łódź, Poland, August 2019 – ZREW Transformatory will supply 8 low loss power transformers for AS Augstsprieguma tikls (AST), an independent transmission system operator in the Republic of Latvia, which provides electric power transmission network services and ensures the balance and stability within the transmission networks.

Transformers for Amazon’s new logistics facility

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, July 2019 – For the new Amazon logistics centre in Rovigo, in the north-eastern area of Italy, Tesar will supply 8 cast resin transformers. Once up and running, the new facility will create more than 2.000 new jobs.

Second project for SEPS

Plzeň, Czech Republic, July 2019 – The Slovakian installation company Alter Energo again chose SERW as their partner for the renewal of a substation for the main Slovakian transmission system operator SEPS. The first project was for the substation Podunajské Buskupice, which we mentioned in November 2018. Now, SERW will again deliver 420 kV disconnectors for the new project, the extension of the substation Rimavská Sobota.

100-Year Anniversary Rauscher & Stoecklin

Sissach, Switzerland, July 2019 – On the 28th of June, Rauscher & Stoecklin celebrated its 100-year anniversary. For this occasion, partners, suppliers and customers got invited to celebrate with the company and its employees. Besides the popular beer transformer, other attractions such as a photo booth, BBQ smoker, hot wire, and shuffleboard kept the visitors happy and satisfied.

Power for E-buses with up to 232 people

Sissach, Switzerland, July 2019 – Rauscher & Stoecklin will provide reliable energy supply for multiple buses which are 100% electric and can fit up to 232 people. The new project from Bozankaya, a German/Turkish manufacturer of eco-friendly, energy efficient and silent commercial vehicles, includes the delivery of 250A high current connectors.

Wind Farm Transformers for Poland

Łódź, Poland, June 2019 – Investments in wind energy are increasing in Poland. As a result, ZREW Transformatory, leading Polish producer of oil power transformers, received new orders. ZREW has already produced several dozen units for the specific needs of wind farms and therefore has great know-how in this area.

Israeli Network Electrification Project

Sissach, Switzerland, June 2019 – For the Israeli Network Electrification Project, Rauscher & Stoecklin will provide approx. 400 load-break switches. The customer SEMI was awarded by ISR, the railway administrator in Israel, with the electrification of the whole rail net of the country.

Successful FAT of 420kV disconnectors for Slovakia

Plzeň, Czech Republic, June 2019 – The company SERW successfully passed a Factory Acceptance Test, short FAT, of 420 kV disconnectors for the project Podunajské Biskupice in Slovakia. A total of 48 disconnectors and earthing switches were delivered to the end user SEPS, the main Slovakian TSO.

Transformers for Yas Bay Arena in Abu Dhabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 2019 – For the currently still under construction standing project «Yas Bay Arena» in Abu Dhabi, Tesar Gulf will deliver 8 cast resin transformers. The arena is designed to host sports, corporate, and cultural events and promises a low-energy consumption approach.

Switch control systems for high-performance grid wind tunnel

Sissach, Switzerland, May 2019 – Rauscher & Stoecklin delivered multiple switch control systems to the end-customer University of the Armed Forces in Munich, Germany. The university has many wind tunnels in different institutions designed for the study of ballistics and aerodynamics. Crucial for their research, those wind channels are used by teams all over the world.

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