Power Transformers

Power transformers with power ratings up to 120MVA and voltages up to 145kV are available for different applications:

  • power transformers for use in distribution networks and substations
  • unit transformers for power plants and combined heat and power plants
  • special transformers for industrial and railway applications

Power transformers are designed and tested in compliance with applicable standards (IEC, PN-EN, GOST).
In the production process of power transformers only materials and components ordered from the world's top manufacturers are used.


Distribution Transformers

Oil immersed distribution transformers are available in different steps from 100kVA to 10MVA as non-sealed or as hermetically sealed.

Special versions of distribution transformers build as low radiation transformers comply fully with the standard NISV (non-ionizing radiation regulation). All transformers fully comply with the latest EU 548/2014 regulations.

Besides the distribution transformers, liquid-cooled transformers are also produced for ripple control systems, mobile communication systems and as overhead wire transformers for railway electrification.


Cast resin transformers

The cast resin transformer portfolio ranges from 100 kVA to 20 MVA and up to 52 kV.

The transformers meet and exceet the eco design regulations according to EU 548/20014 can be used for different applications like power distribution, converter applications for industry or solar / wind power plants as well as for traction purpose.

As a leading manufacturer of cast resin transformer highest reliability and performance can be provided and ensured throughout the entire lifetime.


Metering transformers

Cast resin insulated metering transformers for distribution networks and for special applications such as current transformers with rated nominal currents up to 3.000A.

Ring type transformers with rated primary currents up to 20.000A and voltage transformers with insulation level phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase up to 36 kV. The available accuracy classes are 0,5 – 0,2 for measuring and 3P and 6P for protection grade. Special designs are available on request.


High Voltage Switches

Earthing switches and disconnectors for usage in high voltage distribution and transmission networks for voltage levels up to 420kV.

Disconnectors and earthing switches are availabe for voltage levels 123kV, 245kV and 420kV. Each voltage level can be manufactured as a horizontal, pantograph or vertical version with a single-pole, two-pole or three-pole arrangement.


Medium Voltage Switches

Medium Voltage switches are used primarily in distribution networks and industrial applications.

The R&S Group product portfolio includes medium voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors and earthing switches.

  • Circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor application are available as single phase circuit breaker rated up to 27.5kV or as a three phase circuit breaker rated up to 38.5kV.
  • Earthing switches are rated up to 38.5kV, depending on rated voltage can be designed as 3-pole, 2-pole or 1-pole arrangement with motor or hand drives as control possibility.
  • Disconnectors for indoor and outdoor applications are available up to 38.5kV. Special disconnectors for high current load up to 6000A are also available.


Railway Switches

A wide range of switching devices for 15kV and 25kV overhead line traction systems always provide customers with the right solution for their railway electrification project.

The product portfolio includes:

  • disconnectors for visible electrical isolation of catenary sections
  • load break switches for making/breaking under load
  • earthing switches for the secure grounding of voltage free overhead line sections.

Depending on the application and system design rocker and knife type switches, fitted with porcelain or silicon isolators are available. To automatically operate the switches and to simplify integration into remote monitoring and control systems actuating systems (e.g. motor drives) and accessories can be added.


High Current Connectors

Rated in steps from 200A, 250A and 400A and up to 1000V, the R&S Group offers hig current plugs and sockets with 4- or 5-pin design for reliable and safe power distribution.

Typical fields of application are industries with moving machinery for which high currents are required like mining and tunneling but also maritime applications are common.