6 million value frame contract from ČEPS

Plzeň, Czech Republic, February 2019 – SERW has signed a frame contract for the delivery of 245 kV and 420 kV disconnectors, earthing switches and post insulators for the company ČEPS, the main transmission system operator in the Czech Republic. Whilst internationally, ČEPS forms an integral part of the European interconnected power system, domestically its activities have a huge impact on the everyday life of Czech people.

Along with the other existing frame contract from 2018-2021, the two contracts are the most important for SERW. The offered design and technical parameters comply fully with all technical requirements from ČEPS. The logistic coordination of the deliveries, installation, and service works will be challenging but no problem for SERW due to their long-term experience.

Some specifications about the project:
• Total volume over 6 million Euro
• Frame contract from 2019-2023
• Deliveries to 9 different substations in the Czech Republic (Babylon, Vítkov, Výškov, Opočínek, Sokolnice, Čechy střed, Přeštice, Prosenice, Neznášov)
• 78 pieces EHV disconnectors and earthing switches 245 kV
• 309 pieces EHV disconnectors and earthing switches 420 kV
• 544 pieces post insulators 123 kV, 245 kV, and 420 kV

The project makes sure to provide safe and reliable operation and sustainable development of the Czech power system and is important for more than 10 million Czech inhabitants. SERW is proud to be a part of such an important project.

About SERW
SERW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider in selected niches for power products. Founded in 1993 from the Skoda factory, SERW has developed into one of the leading switching device manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of power products with a focus on switching devices, SERW is a competent and reliable partner for customers all over the world.

  • Substation in Czech Republic
  • Substation with disconnectors in Czech Republic