75 MVA Power Transformer to Strengthen Clean Energy Generation in Żydowo

Łódź, Poland, June 2021 ZREW has delivered a transformer to one of the biggest pumped storage power plants in Poland – ESP Żydowo, managed by ENERGA OZE S.A. and belonging to Grupa ORLEN.

ESP Żydowo is located in the northern part of the country, close to the Baltic Sea. It’s the first pumped storage power plant built in Poland and the only one using two natural water reservoirs to operate – Kamienne Lake and Kwiecko Lake, with an altitude difference 82 m.

ZREW delivered 75 MVA unit to support one of the generator set and secure continuous delivery of the energy while it is being produced. Two other 75 MVA transformers were delivered and installed in 2019.

Order details:

  • Transformer specification: 75 MVA (121/10.5 KV) with on-load voltage regulation
  • Place of delivery: ESP Żydowo
  • Scope of work: production and delivery of new transformer; on-site assembling, circuits and cell adaptation

About ESP Żydowo:
ESP Żydowo, owned by Energa OZE S.A. (part of ORLEN Group), is the fourth biggest pumped and storage power plant in Poland with an installed rated power of 167 MW (three turbine/generator sets).

About ZREW:
ZREW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider in selected niches for power products. ZREW is a leading Polish manufacturer of oil-immersed transformers with power ratings up to 120 MVA. The portfolio includes transformers for power stations, heat and power plants, wind farms, distribution networks as well as special and furnace transformers.