At R&S Group, we guarantee energy and actively support the transition towards renewable energy production and distribution. Operating sustainably is part of our strategy that guides our present actions and future endeavors.

We strive for a holistic implementation of sustainability throughout the R&S Group and its value chains and follow a circular economy model that considers the entire life cycle of our products. A focal point of our efforts is to improve the energy efficiency of our products, which extends from the choice of materials to the design and function of each product.

We are involved in developing the next generation of products on the transformer market by constantly improving our products. We are convinced that we can further optimize the design of transformers and use more efficient and climate-friendly materials that enable a sustainable service life. We have started using climate-friendly steel in some of our transformers as an alternative to conventional hot-rolled steel to limit the transformers’ carbon footprint. More than 80% of the raw materials used in our transformers are different metals, most of which are recyclable. Additionally, we focus on improving the energy efficiency of our transformers. Compared to the past, we have achieved annual energy savings of over 25% on our current transformer models.

Within the R&S Group, we have established ESG (environmental, social and governance) targets, processes and performance indicators to monitor our efforts and drive continuous improvement in the area of ESG considerations. Presently, our focus is on developing an ESG roadmap and target operating model to seamlessly integrate ESG principles into our business operations and remuneration targets.


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