Connectors for EMC testing facility

Sissach, Switzerland, June 2020 – For a German company that has extensive knowledge of EMC testing, R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin delivered four industrial connectors. The plugs and sockets, equipped with a VDE certificate, guarantee reliable and safe power transmission for a mobile EMC testing machine.

The project started in 2019 when the well-known German company, working in EMC testing, contacted R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin. Electromagnetic compatibility, short EMC, measures the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment. EMC certifications are mandatory in most markets, including Germany.

Some specifications of the project:

  • 4 male connectors (MC) and wall mounted receptacles (FCW)
  • C-Line with a robust plastic housing, perfect for applications where space is limited
  • 200 A
  • Used for a mobile EMC testing machine that needed flexible power transmission
  • Approved by the German laboratory VDE
  • Delivered in April 2020

The connectors are approved by the German laboratory VDE, “Verband der Elektrotechnik” or “German Electrical Engineering Association”. The testing and certification institute is a nationally and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrical engineering devices, components, and systems, and represents security and reliability.

About R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin
R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets. The company, founded in 1919, is a well-established and experienced manufacturer of transformers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment.

  • Industrial electrical connector
  • Industrial connector female with open cover