Transformers for hydroelectric power plants

Sissach, Switzerland, November 2018 – With a special helicopter from the Swiss company Rotex, five transformers were transported from the station Champéry to the higher located stations Gietroz and Clusanfe in the Swiss mountain region. There, the transformers provide a reliable power supply for the water pumps, pumping rainwater to the next higher station.

The customer, HydroExploitation, in the name and on behalf of Salanfe SA, a Swiss company which focuses on operations, maintenance, and control of hydroelectric power plants, needed a reliable power supply for their reservoirs in the Swiss mountains. The reservoirs, which collect water from rain, are important for the whole region.

Rauscher & Stoecklin is happy to have been a part of the interesting project:
• A total of 5 transformers (2 x 630 kVA & 3 x 430 kVA)
• Equipped with oil collecting trays that protect the environment
• Providing power for the water pumps, pumping 600 liters per second
• Transformers are installed 36m below the ground

Thanks to a special helicopter from the Swiss company Rotex, the weight of the 1940 kg transformer was no problem for the transportation. The so-called „Kaman“ helicopter, with a payload of 2722 kg, is one of the few helicopter types with a higher payload than empty mass. A special design makes the helicopter extremely reliable and trustworthy for different kinds of loads.

About Rauscher & Stoecklin
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