Transformers for Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 2020 – The currently still under construction standing Zayed National Museum will be the centerpiece of the Saadiyat Island Cultural District in Abu Dhabi. Tesar Gulf successfully completed the factory testing and is ready to deliver 8 cast resin dry-type transformers which will be installed inside the prestigious museum.

The new museum will showcase how the UAE was formed, the country’s rich natural resources and the life of Sheikh Zayed, former president of the UAE and popularly referred to as “The Father of Nation”.

The top structure of the museum has been designed to look like feathers of a falcon – the national bird of the UAE. It is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in the Arab tradition and culture which is also the main hobby of Sheikh Zayed.

The museum is very cleverly built, using the same aerodynamic principles as a bird’s wings to capture fresh air and draw cooling air currents naturally through the museum.

Some specifications of the project:

  • A total of 8 cast resin transformers
  • Ratings of 2000kVA (22/0.415kV)
  • Expected to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2021

For Tesar Gulf it is a great achievement to supply transformers to this important and symbolic project. Only 7 years back, Tesar Italy supplied cast resin transformers to the Louvre Museum, which is also located on Saadiyat Island. We are very proud to contribute a part to this cultural site which will remain distinguished over time for its beauty and aesthetic uniqueness. Saadiyat is one of the most famous islands of Abu Dhabi, where the beauty of nature is perfectly mixed in harmony with sophisticated constructions.

– Riccardo Pericoli, General Manager of Tesar Gulf

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