Deliveries for E.ON Group

Plzeň, Czech Republic, April 2022 – The first projects under a framework contract between E.ON Group and R&S SERW have started, and the first deliveries are scheduled for this year and next year.

The substations to which new disconnectors and earthing switches will be supplied are: UW Stadorf, UW Salzgitter, UW Heinersdorf, UW Schwensby, UW Braak, and UW Lohr.

Some specifications of the project:

  • Scope of work at the site: adjustment and putting into service
  • Ordered: Q1 2022
  • Scheduled delivery: 2022 – 2023
  • Project volume: 11.741.780 CZK

Details of ordered devices:

  • 123 kV 3-phase horizontal disconnectors with/without earthing switches
  • 123 kV 3-phase earthing switches
  • 123 kV 1-phase horizontal disconnectors
  • 123 kV 1-phase earthing switches.

The pilot project, UW Braak, will be used for an introduction of the upgraded design of 123 kV disconnectors, and its successful testing service will help R&S SERW to offer the modernized design for deliveries in the future.

“Any feedback of the technicians of E.ON Group will give us a very important information of testing service and this experience will help to satisfy requirements of our customers”, stated Pavel Chalus, Sales Director at R&S SERW.

About E.ON Group
E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier based in Essen, Germany. It is one of the strongest operators of European energy networks and energy-related infrastructure, as well as a provider of advanced customer solutions for 50 million customers. With a total of over 75,000 employees, is represented in 15 countries.

About R&S SERW
R&S SERW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets. Founded in 1993 from the Skoda factory, R&S SERW has developed into one of the leading switching device manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of power products with a focus on switching devices, R&S SERW is a competent and reliable partner for customers all over the world.