Development of the Bulgarian market

Sissach, Switzerland, July 2022 – The companies of the R&S Group continue their successful development into the Bulgarian market. The products of greatest interest are cast resin transformers from Tesar and railway switches from R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin.

Cast resin transformers are found in a broad spectrum of applications, such as construction, power distribution and industry. Twenty-five kV railway switches are being used in the expansion (modernization of existing lines and new investment) of the Bulgarian railways.

Some data of the supplied devices:

  • 49 cast resin transformers with rated power 50–4000 kVA in 2021
  • 39 cast resin transformers with rated power 400–2500 kVA in 2022 up to date
  • 98 isolating switches with voltage 25 kV in 2021
  • 17 railway switches with voltage 25 kV in 2022 up to date

R&S Group perceive Bulgaria as an important and prospective market with significant potential not only for cast resin transformers and railway switches, but also for the group’s other products.

About R&S
The Swiss-based R&S Group is a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets around the globe. With manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe, South America and the Middle East, and a wide partner network globally, R&S offers distribution and power transformers, medium and high voltage switching devices as well as certain products for railway electrification and industrial electrical connectors.