Adapted disconnectors for higher terminal load for Thüringer Energienetze GmbH

Plzeň, Czech Republic, May 2019 – For the substation Remptendorf in Thüringen, SERW will deliver multiple high voltage disconnectors. The offered design and technical parameters comply with the technical requirements of the customer Thüringer Energienetze GmbH, short TEN, where higher terminal load is required (2000 N instead of 1000 N).

Thüringer Energienetze GmbH is the biggest grid operator in Thüringen. With the over 40.000 km long grid, they provide energy to more than 1.1 million people and the local economy. The company makes great efforts to feed the grid with green energy sources.

Some specifications about the project:
• 123 kV horizontal disconnectors
• Adapted design for a higher terminal load
• First stage of delivery in August 2019
• Second stage of delivery in 2020
• Project volume of around 150.000 Euro

Since there were necessary additional design works that had to be done, such as the re-design of the foot bearing and the base frame, a partial test for the terminal load 2000 N was conducted by SERW.

About SERW
SERW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider in selected niches for power products. Founded in 1993 from the Skoda factory, SERW has developed into one of the leading switching device manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of power products with a focus on switching devices, SERW is a competent and reliable partner for customers all over the world.

  • High voltage switches from ZREW at substation
  • High voltage disconnectors