Energizing FIFA World Cup 2022

Doha, Qatar, November 2022 – Tesar supplied more than 200 cast resin transformers to eight football stadiums in Qatar to ensure the energy security of the world’s premier football tournament.

More than four years ago, Tesar became the main supplier of transformers for a great construction and architectural project, which was to power the facilities where the 2022 FIFA World Cup would take place. The biggest challenge for the Italian company was to deliver a large number of transformers within strict deadlines and to provide a smooth energizing of all devices. All projects related to the construction or modernization of stadiums in Qatar were implemented under the time rigor of the upcoming World Cup, and their proper functioning depended on an efficient electricity supply system.

As many as 7 of the 8 stadiums hosting the 32 football national teams competing for the world champion have been equipped with an advanced air conditioning system that maintains a constant temperature in the arenas, equal to 21 degrees Celsius. Stadiums in Qatar have been equipped with powerful apparatus designed to cool the air inside the venues. Special vents are located around the turf and under fans’ seats, pumping cool air.

Often, major sporting events are fields for technological innovation. At the World Cup in Qatar, one of these is the construction of the world’s first “throwaway” stadium, which will be dismantled after the tournament. The name of this facility – Stadium 974 – comes from the number of containers from which it is built. And one of the innovations in this unique venue with a capacity of more than 44,000 football fans is the use by Tesar, along with Siemens, IP00 cast resin transformers installed inside containerized substations.

“In fact Stadium 974 at the end of the World Cup will be “disassembled” and the relevant area will be requalified. Our substation can be reused again for future buildings after requalification, without any waste of material,” said Luca Procino, Area Sales Manager Middle East at R&S Group.

Some specifications of cast resin transformers delivered to stadiums and related energy centers:

  • Al Bayt Stadium – 45 x 1600kVA
  • Iconic Lusail Stadium – 22 x 1600kVA
  • Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium – 4 x 1600kVA
  • Al Janoub Stadium – 29 x 1600kVA
  • Al Thumama Stadium – 18 x 1600kVA
  • Education City Stadium – 33 x 1600kVA + 10 x 3750kVA
  • Khalifa Stadium – 33 x 1600kVA
  • Stadium 974 – 10 x 2500kVA

About Tesar
Tesar is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets around the globe. With manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe, the Middle East, and South America, R&S is a major supplier of transformers and switches for customers in the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors.