Exciting Milestone in Sustainable Power Distribution

Sissach, Switzerland, February 2024 – Successful delivery of the first Rauscher & Stoecklin distribution transformer filled with Nynas Bio 300X insulating fluid for the Swiss customer, BKW Power Grid, powering the electrical grid in the picturesque Gstaad region.

Nynas Bio 300X is a game-changer in the energy sector, boasting superior cold start and exceptional cooling performance when compared to conventional insulating mineral oils. The revolutionary bio-based insulating fluid aligns with Rauscher & Stoecklin’s commitment to sustainability, offering a greener alternative that meets the evolving demands of the energy landscape.

This milestone reinforces the company’s dedication to sustainable practices, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact in power distribution. The integration of Nynas Bio 300X not only enhances the transformer’s performance but also minimizes the ecological footprint.

Some specifications of the project:

  • Transformer specification: hermetically sealed oil-type distribution transformer 630 kVA, 16/0.4 kV according to Eco Tier 2 requirements
  • Place of installation: Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Delivery date: Q4 2023

“We extend our gratitude to BKW Power Grid for their trust in our solutions and their commitment to environmentally conscious energy infrastructure. Together, we are pioneering advancements that will shape the future of power distribution,” says Dr. Bruno Bosnjak, Head of Engineering at Rauscher & Stoecklin.

About BKW Power Grid:
BKW Power Grid is the operator of Switzerland’s largest distribution grid and ensures that electricity flows reliably from production plants to customers. BKW Power Grid is a part of the BKW Group. The BKW network spans eight countries in Europe. A total of 140 subsidiaries at 276 registered offices and 103 production sites deliver products and services under the five competence brands, including BKW Energy, BKW Building Solutions, BKW Engineering, BKW Infra Services, and BKW Power Grid. The BKW Group employs more than 11,500 people.

About Rauscher & Stoecklin:
Rauscher & Stoecklin is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets. The company, founded in 1919, is a well-established and experienced manufacturer of transformers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment.