In this day and age, construction and infrastructure managers need to overcome a multitude of challenges.

Power needs to be supplied around the clock to facilities such as medical clinics, skyscrapers, universities, hotels, data centres, banks, shopping centres, museums, stadiums and more besides.

Increased customer expectations lead to a higher power demand.

R&S understands the challenges that people face in the construction and infrastructure sector and offers solutions that ensure safe, reliable and uninterrupted operation. We are your perfect partner, as we have got a multitude of project references and customised solutions to boot.

Forward-looking trends

A unique customer experience
The need to create a unique and magnificent customer experience is ever-increasing. To stay competitive, infrastructure managers need to come up with innovative ideas. And this goes hand-in-hand with greater electricity and power demand requirements.
Maximum safety
Visitor safety is of the utmost importance when working in the infrastructure sector. As electrification rises, so too does the safety risk. Electrical components must meet the most stringent safety standards and work in the harshest of climate conditions.
Uninterrupted power supply
Longer opening hours and additional sales days mean an uninterrupted energy supply is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Infrastructure managers are faced with the challenge of maintaining systems without interrupting the power supply.

We help overcome your challenges

One of the biggest challenges that construction and infrastructure managers face is achieving maximum safety while increasing electricity. Power systems that meet the most stringent safety standards and achieve the highest efficiency levels are needed.

R&S supplies reliable, high-efficiency transformers, switchboards and distribution boards for modern construction and infrastructure managers. Our products are renowned for their high level of safety, which we guarantee through the materials we use and our modern testing laboratories.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing process creates highly reliable products that work in the harshest of climate conditions 24/7.

We help construction and infrastructure managers stay on top of things with our comprehensive project support, customised solutions and maintenance service.