In the industry sector, efficiency is the main factor in securing a competitive advantage.

Industry managers have to improve processes, introduce automation and invest in efficient systems. R&S is well-versed in the challenges that different industries, such as the automotive, chemistry, oil, gas, steel, tunnel and other sectors, are facing. By offering high-efficiency products for a safe and reliable power supply, we can help our customers to stay ahead of their competition.

Forward-looking trends

Enhanced efficiency is vital to staying competitive, and this much is true of various elements of the industry sector. Managers are looking for high-efficiency, low-loss power systems.
Industry 4.0
The rise of automation, the IoT and robot integration in different industries is resulting in growing demand for reliable energy. Systems that work 24/7 need an uninterrupted power supply, and this makes maintenance challenging.
With increased automation, faster processes and robot-human collaboration, safety is one of the key factors in ensuring industry success. Electric components have to meet the most stringent safety standards and work in the harshest of climate conditions.

We help overcome your challenges

Automation and robotics bring a variety of challenges into the industry sector. Demand for energy increases, while safety becomes more of a priority. And as a consequence, greater requirements are placed on power products.

R&S offers industrial electrical connectors and transformers that meet the most stringent safety standards for industry applications. The materials we use guarantee safety, as they have self-extinguishing properties and low toxic gas emissions. Our industrial connectors facilitate electrical interlocking and are equipped with finger touch protection.

All the product components are easy to maintain, as they can be installed and replaced quickly on site.

The best materials with low resistance and minimal power losses enable enhanced efficiency and minimised energy costs.