Managers of modern power distribution networks are on the hunt for cost-effective ways of increasing power efficiency, grid stability, energy storage and energy security.

Access to energy is a fundamental force for good in the world, but more innovation and forward thinking is needed to make sustainable power distribution a reality.

Embodying more than 100 years of experience and integrated in well over 100,000 transformer installations worldwide, R&S solutions provide modern power distribution networks with the reliability and quality they need to grow and thrive.

Our success is built on an understanding of the unique challenges our customers face. Every grid is different, and we know that tailored solutions are the only way of making sure we provide the very best value to our customers.

Forward-looking trends

Energy efficiency
Increasing energy efficiency in a way that doesn’t disrupt business is crucial in combatting global warming. Measures such as the EU’s ambitious 20% energy savings target by 2020 will continue to require today’s power distributors to adopt more sustainable practices.
The digitalisation of the world’s power distribution systems is a revolution that is impacting and will impact everyone, especially utilities and heavy industry companies. Digitalisation will change the way we operate, in addition to improving productivity and enhancing efficiency. Operators are now facing the challenge of implementing cybersecurity protection measures.
Power storage
The integration of renewable energy sources and weather-dependent power generation impacts grid stability and needs to be managed by utilities. Power storage solutions that absorb peaks are an industry priority.

We help overcome your challenges

One of the biggest challenges that modern power distribution networks face is minimising power losses. Energy savings start straight after power generation and stretch all the way to distribution networks.

Transformers play a key role and have the highest savings potential, so they are a key element when it comes to cutting power losses. R&S provides extra-low-loss transformers with conventional and amorphous cores.

On-load tap changers expand the voltage adjustment function during operation in the distribution grid and help with fluctuating power sources.