Building renewable energy infrastructure that can provide stable and sustainable green energy to communities and companies all over the world is perhaps the most important challenge our industry faces.

Energy providers need to integrate renewable energy into their power grids and transport power from generation to utilisation without impacting grid stability.

R&S devotes its energies day in, day out to making a green future a reality. The solutions we create allow hydro power plants, photovoltaic plants and wind farms to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy generation and support uninterrupted supply.

Forward-looking trends

Rising demand
A number of factors, such as the EU’s ambitious 27% renewables by 2020 target, are creating a surge in demand for stable and reliable alternative energy sources globally. Technological innovation and increasing investment are making renewables a sensible solution on both an economical and an ethical level.
Changing weather patterns
Supply rises and falls dramatically based on weather conditions, and this makes integrating green energy in grids while maintaining reliability a major challenge. Grid operators cannot control the weather, but existing and new technology and market solutions can help minimise variable renewable energy curtailment.
The need for greener electricity grids that are also more reliable and resilient has led many people to opt for microgrids. Microgrids that connect distributed energy generation sources with distributed energy consumers are impacting the predictability of power fed to the distribution grid. Control and protection are the main challenges being faced.

We help overcome your challenges

R&S manufactures special cast resin, power and distribution transformers for hydro power plants, photovoltaic plants and wind farms, supporting both the increasing demand for and the necessity of sustainable energy generation. The transformers are designed to compensate for fluctuating energy supply and help significantly with energy storage.

With conventional and amorphous cores, our high-efficiency transformers are a key element when it comes to reducing green energy losses and supporting power transport from generation to utilisation without impacting grid stability.

While we cannot help grid operators to control the weather, we can provide them with different accessories such as control devices to help minimise variable renewable energy curtailment.