New frame contract with E.ON Group

Plzeň, Czech Republic, January 2022 R&S SERW was awarded the new frame contract for E.ON Group. The contract is for deliveries of 123 kV disconnectors and earthing switches in 2022-2023. It is the next step in a long-term cooperation between one of the largest European operators of energy networks and R&S SERW. Over recent years, the Czech manufacturer has supplied E.ON Group with many different types of horizontal disconnectors, pantograph disconnectors and earthing switches.

To meet the requirements of this contract, i.e. to produce a large number of the ordered devices, a new assembly line will have to be installed at the SERW factory.

Some specifications of the project:

  • Voltage level of 123 kV
  • Project value of over 5.000.000 Euro
  • Delivery timeframe: 2022 – 2023.

The project includes the delivery of the following equipment:

  • 123 kV 3-phase horizontal disconnectors with/without earthing switches
  • 123 kV 3-phase earthing switches
  • 123 kV 1-phase horizontal disconnectors
  • 123 kV 1-phase earthing switches.

About E.ON Group
E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier based in Essen, Germany. It is one of the strongest operators of European energy networks and energy-related infrastructure, as well as a provider of advanced customer solutions for 50 million customers. With a total of over 75,000 employees, is represented in 15 countries.

About R&S SERW
R&S SERW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets. Founded in 1993 from the Skoda factory, R&S SERW has developed into one of the leading switching device manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of power products with a focus on switching devices, R&S SERW is a competent and reliable partner for customers all over the world.