New Positioning and Branding to exploit Group Synergies and to prevail on the Changing Energy Distribution Market

Sissach, Switzerland, January 2020 – The electrical infrastructure products manufacturer R&S has adapted its positioning and branding to further exploit its group synergies – being able to offer a highly reliable product portfolio to customers, transparent and fair cooperation to suppliers and partners, an attractive working environment to employees and growing returns to stakeholders.

The R&S Group’s new branding and positioning speak for its values of collaboration, craftsmanship, reliability, integrity and sustainability and represents the joint forces as an industrial group – bringing together over 200 years of experience and knowledge in the energy distribution business.

The acquisition of the Swiss electrical infrastructure manufacturer Rauscher & Stoecklin in 2012 set the first milestone of today’s R&S Group. In the following years, the company expanded its market reach with the acquisition of the Czech switch manufacturer SERW in 2014, the Polish transformer manufacturer ZREW in 2015 and the Italian transformer manufacturer Tesar in 2016.

‘Thanks to the combined efforts of our group entities in Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates, we are able to deliver our customers an improved offering based on our existing core values. Smoother sales and aftersales processes, higher quality standards, more advanced applications and united knowledge – all coming together to bring them the most reliable and efficient products and services.’

The added subline “We guarantee energy” stands for the promise to the customer. ‘The energy industry is changing. Increasing energy demand, extension and stabilization of electrical grids, rising digitalization, and more focus on renewable energy and power storage are just some of the challenges we are facing. This change requires pro-active and innovative companies – providing highly efficient, customized products and services. We aim to be one of those companies by offering tailored solutions, best service, highest quality and innovative products to our customers.’

About R&S
The Swiss-based R&S Group is a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets around the globe. With manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe, South America and the Middle East, and a wide partner network globally, R&S offers distribution and power transformers, medium and high voltage switching devices as well as certain products for railway electrification and industrial electrical connectors.

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