New Partial Discharge Measurement and Analysis System for dry-type transformers

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, May 2022 鈥 Tesar Italy significantly improved its testing potential by equipping the testing station with a New Universal Partial Discharge (PD) Measurement and Analysis System.

The system represents the next generation of innovative PD testing technology. Enhancements and newly added hardware and software features ensure highly sensitive multi-channel PD measurements for reliable, industry-standard PD testing on a variety of electrical equipment and components. It accurately detects and localizes insulation defects and helps you to reliably assess the risk of transformer failure. The PD frequency range is adjustable to maximize measurements and reduce interference, especially external background noises.

System components:

  • D.M. SET (rechargeable battery pack, universal PD measurement and analysis system, external quadripolar)
  • Multi-device control unit
  • PD software
  • PD Calibrator (1梅100pC)
  • Fiber Optic cables

System advantages and additional features:

  • Simultaneous, 3 channel measurement (The PD value is monitored for the 3 phases during testing.)
  • Auto IEC band with check (The IEC compliance/non-compliance is always shown.)
  • Reliable noise filtering (The PD frequency range is adjustable to maximize measurements and reduce interference.)
  • Real-time recording (After the test, if the record function has been activated, it is possible to 鈥渞elive鈥 the test and change any set-up parameter.)
  • No need for an AC power connection (The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 16 hours of continuous testing.)
  • Mobile Measurement unit (The PDM Set is easily detachable, and it can be connected to another coupling capacitor set fast.)
  • Customizable user profiles (It is possible to save and record, as profile, individual test specifications, calibration, and measurement settings. Additionally, it is possible to decide which of the available PD measurement and analysis software features you need for a particular PD measurement.)

This new Partial Discharge Measurement for power dry-type transformers as per IEC 60270, is the most accurate and reliable system available in the market and allows Tesar to further improve the quality of its products.

The system is installed in Tesar Italy main test lab and on-site testing application (testing room in Chiaveretto plant).

About Tesar
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