Harnessing our extensive experience acquired over a period of 100 years, we manufacture high-quality electric switchboards according to our customers’ requirements.

R&S systems can be used for power distribution in all building types – from single-family homes, to large-scale industrial complexes. Additional applications include in-tunnel lighting, ventilation, traffic signals, heating, air conditioning, pneumatics and implementation at industrial plants. In special cases, we also supply converter systems for wind generators, drives, network couplers and other applications. Our products are supplemented by services such as concept design, planning and layout design, plan preparation, engineering and installation, overhauls and renovations, and of course maintenance and consultation on demand.

Power rating: up to 6,300 A

Schaltanlagen von R&S

Benefits that speak for themselves

Get an individual solution
We build our electric switchboards according to customer specifications and the legal standards EN 61439 and EN 60204. Our flexible team will also implement changes at short notice.
Simplify operation and maintenance
We pay attention to great operability and usability. All of our product components are easy to maintain and quickly and easily replaceable on site if necessary.
Increase reliability
Swiss-made quality, optimised motor performance, extensive testing and fault prevention are all combined to give you higher reliability.
Save time and hassle
We support you throughout the entire product life cycle. From the planning stage to commissioning, our motivated team is on hand to help wherever and whenever.
Achieve maximum safety
The switchboards are designed to protect operators and isolate them from the electric current. Safety switches on all circuits in the switchboard will increase the overall safety of the facility.

With R&S, we have a partner who always keeps calm and ensures rapid production and delivery of the necessary switchboard equipment even in difficult situations.

Thomas Niederhauser, Sigren Engineering AG

Want to get technical?

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We tailor our solutions to you

Working in cooperation with our customers, we record the requirements of each project, structure the system and prepare implementation proposals. We then plan the design and define the products used. Following installation, we stay by your side and carry out overhauls and renovations.

Standard frame distributor

- Custom-made
- Standardised versions
- Short-circuit current up to 17 kA (Ipk)
- Design verified to SNEN 61439-1/2 or 3

Control switchgear

- HVAC-system controls
- Building automation controls
- Machine controls
- Fire alarm systems in tunnels
- Design verified to SNEN 61439-1/2 and SNEN 60204

Low-voltage main and sub distribution switchgear

- Custom-made switchgear up to 17 kA (Ipk)
- System certified switchgear up to 6,300 A / 85 kA (Ipk)
- Design verified to SNEN 61439-1/2

Power supply cabinets

- Systems developed in-house for power grid protection and supplying mast-mounted mobile signal transmitters with power