We are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of oil-type distribution transformers.

Based on our long-standing experience of over 100 years in the business, we can design transformers that are customised to your requirements. Our transformers are used in different applications, including in distribution networks, in waterworks and for industry and transport applications. All our oil-type transformers are produced in line with the most stringent quality standards.

Rated power: up to 2,500 kVA
Operating voltage: up to 36 kV


Benefits that speak for themselves

Cut your operating costs
Our transformers’ advanced design ensures low energy losses in accordance with EU 548/2014 and low maintenance requirements. Consequently, they allow you to save on operating costs.
Reduce your environmental impact
Our transformers with amorphous cores improve electrical characteristics and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This allows you to reduce the impact on the global environment.
Make your performance better
Best materials, highly experienced employees, best quality and standardized routine testing all come together to give you high reliablity and efficiency.
Save space and costs
Our transformers are available in the smallest dimensions and lowest weights possible. For you, this translates into minimal costs and easy handling.
Increase your investment
Since we use the best materials and work to high manufacturing standards, we offer you a minimum guaranteed service life of ten years for our distribution transformers.

We are very happy to be the supplier for the new Tesla charging stations. R&S aims to invest more in this business field in order to deliver specially-designed transformers for charging stations in the future.

Mirco Gisin – Area Sales Manager R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin

Want to get technical?

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We tailor our solutions to you

Our open-vented design is characterised by a low oil volume and extremely compact dimensions. Our transformers featuring hermetically sealed tanks prevent the cooling liquid from coming into direct contact with the air. The design needs a higher oil volume and, consequently, the dimensions and weight increase accordingly.

If our standard solutions do not meet your requirements, we also produce customised solutions. To make sure the solution we create for you is perfect, you are involved in every step of the development process. A wide range of accessories round off our range perfectly.

Special application transformers

- Railway transformer
- Amorphous core transformer
- Low-radiation transformer
- Audio frequency transformer

Integrated oil retention vat

- High-quality, cold-rolled metal plates
- Special method for low no-load losses and low noise generation

Stand-alone oil retention vat

- Made of lightweight aluminium
- Narrow doors are no longer a problem

Monitoring devices

- Used to control the pressure, temperature and level of the dielectric liquid inside the transformer tank

Wheel locks

- Protection against rolling away


- For transformers weighing up to 12,000 kg
- Reduced transformer vibration and noise generation levels
- Smart and compact solution

Buchholz relay

- Detects whether gas is present inside the tank
- Emits an alarm and triggers signals
- Automatically stops the current if a severe problem is detected

Additional accessories

- MV surge arrester, on-load tap changer, air breather, pressure relief device, plug-in bushings, HV / LV cable boxes, connecting plates and more besides