With more than 100,000 dry type transformers installed all over the world, you can rely on our comprehensive service and expertise.

Our cast resin-insulated transformers can be used for different applications, such as power distribution, as converter solutions for industry, solar power plants and wind power plants, and for traction purposes. The eco design, which meets and exceeds all EU 548/2014 regulations, means we can support you on your way towards a sustainable future.

Rated power: 100 kVA to 20 MVA
Rated highest voltage: up to 52 kV

Dry-type transformer

Benefits that speak for themselves

Cut your operating costs
Moisture-proof design, reduced maintenance requirements and smaller losses in the magnetic core and windings all come together to give you operational savings.
Improve your performance
The quality of the materials used mean high efficiency levels can be reached – guaranteed. Our cutting-edge winding manufacturing process creates highly reliable products that work in the harshest of conditions such as humidity, pollution, salty atmospheres and frost.
Achieve maximum safety
The resin and insulating materials we use guarantee your safety thanks to self-extinguishing properties and low toxic gas emissions.
Simplify your maintenance
Rugged, durable transformer design means preventive maintenance is as simple as a quick visual check and cleaning procedure.
Reduce your energy consumption
Our Ecodesign, which meets and exceeds all EU 548/2014 regulations, means the transformers cut your energy consumption and, consequently, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to provide the best possible transport performance, we rely on industrial partners who are cost-effective, deliver high-quality and are always on time. It is not just the price that matters but the entire value chain of the required capital goods.

Dierk Resech, responsible project engineer at Hamburger HOCHBAHN

Want to get technical?

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We tailor our solutions to you

We place all of our expertise and experience at our customers’ disposal, with the aim of satisfying the most peculiar of project requirements. Our transformers can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and adapted to the installation site’s specific conditions.

Low-voltage transformer

- Can be used in cable railway, tunnel lighting / ventilation and network isolation applications
- Rated power ranging from 5 VA to 500 kVA
- Rated max. voltage of up to 1.1 kV
- Single-phase and three-phase

Metal enclosures

- Protection against solid objects and liquids
- Prevents personnel from coming into direct contact with live parts
- Fully customisable

MV surge arresters

- Protection against atmospheric and switching over voltages
- Extends transformer lifetime

TSX1 Temperature Control Device

- 4 analog input channels for windings and magnetic core temperature monitoring
- 4 output relays (Fans, Alarm, Trip and Generic Alarm)
- Temperature is monitored through PT100 Ω

Cast resin TSX3 Temperature Control Device

- 3 analog input channels for windings
- 4 output relays (Fans, Alarm, Trip and Generic Alarm)
- Temperature is monitored through PTC

TSX6c Fan Protection Device

- 2 digital inputs for ventilation system enabling
- 2 output signals for fans malfunctioning
- 6 power supplies equipped with magnetic-thermal relay

PT 100 Ω and PTC sensors

- Real-time temperature monitoring
- Signalling when specific alarm and trip temperature thresholds are reached

Antivibration pads

- A smart and compact solution to reduce a transformer’s vibration and noise levels

Ventilation bars

- An air-forced fan cooling system reduces the operating temperature
- The transformer rated power can be increased by up to 140%