R&S offers highly efficient and custom-made power transformers

We produce network transformers for distribution grids, GSU transformers for power plants, cogeneration plants and combined heat and power plants, and special transformers used for industrial purposes and in rail transport. The experience we have acquired over 60 years and in over 1,000 installations makes us a reliable partner.

Power rating: up to 120 MVA
Voltage: up to 145 kV

GSU power transformer

Benefits that speak for themselves

Achieve maximum efficiency
All our materials and components are ordered exclusively from the world’s top manufacturers, so we can ensure we deliver only high-quality products to our customers. This makes for highly reliable power transformers and gives you the guarantee that you’ll achieve a high level of efficiency.
Get a perfect solution
Each power transformer is one-of-a-kind and specifically designed, allowing you to implement a solution that’s perfectly adapted to your requirements with regard to voltage, power, climate, sound pressure and lots of other criteria.
Cut your investment costs
Benefit from our power transformers’ long service lives. Thanks to our high-quality components and our perfected processes, the average useful lifetime until replacement is required is more than 30 years.
Save time and hassle
We offer you a full package. From consulting services and designing and manufacturing, to repairs and diagnostics, we take care of everything so you can concentrate on your core business.
Increase your system’s reliability
Our power transformers withstand ambient temperatures of -40°C to +40°C. This ensures that the power supply is never disrupted and your system is running at full pace 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cooperation with the company, characterized by a high technical level, punctuality and flexibility, is of high value for us.

Jarosław Gos, Manager of the Network Service Management Department, ENERGA Operator (Płock)

Want to get technical?

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Innovative and custom-made solutions

We firmly believe that the only way we can offer you the most innovative and high-quality products for your individual project’s respective requirements is to be a pioneer with respect to new technologies. Our power transformers’ special design and our over 60 years of experience allow us to offer you a fully customisable solution.

GSU power transformer

- Raises voltage in power and cogeneration plants
- Cooperates mainly with production sources

Network power transformer

- Used to reduce voltage in distribution networks
- Most common in distribution companies and large industrial enterprises

Special power transformer

- Used in steelworks to power electrical furnaces
- Used in industrial plants to cooperate with converter systems
- Used in rail traction systems to power rectifier systems