Another project for end-user Netze BW, Germany

Plzeň, Czech Republic, November 2019 – The Czech HV and MV switch manufacturer SERW will deliver 123 kV disconnectors and earthing switches to the Oberjettingen and Osterburken projects in Germany. The routine tests were checked by technicians of the installation company Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH along with a representative of Netze BW.

For the customer Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH and the end-user Netze BW, SERW has again been awarded a project for the delivery of multiple high voltage switches. The companies have a long-term partnership and have built mutual trust over the years. The routine tests were passed successfully and completion for delivery was approved. The disconnectors and earthing switches are now being prepared for shipment.

Some specifications about the project:
• 46 horizontal disconnectors with 123 kV
• 14 earthing switches with 123 kV
• final technical solution tailored to the requirements of the end-user after the technical discussions among SERW, Omexom and Netze BW
• put into service in June/July 2020
• project volume of 9,360,604 CZK

About SERW
SERW is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider in selected niches for power products. Founded in 1993 from the Skoda factory, SERW has developed into one of the leading switching device manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of power products with a focus on switching devices, SERW is a competent and reliable partner for customers all over the world.

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