Transformers for a hydroelectric power plant at Bex saltworks

Sissach, Switzerland, October 2022 – R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin delivered 5 special transformers to the Schweizer Salinen AG. The Swiss salt company decided to expand the hydroelectric power plant at one of their saltworks, in Bex.

Schweizer Salinen is pursuing a number of projects to achieve more and more efficient use of energy resources. Part of this program is the expansion of the Bex saltworks hydroelectric power plant on the River Avançon, adjacent to the production site.

The future plant will produce 15 GWh a year, which is 50% more than today, and the share of green energy supplied to the grid will increase from 4 GWh to 9 GWh. The power plant will have the capability to supply electricity to half of the population of Bex.

Some specifications of the project:

  • Type of devices: oil-type distribution transformers
  • Transformer specification: 2.5 MVA with 2 x LV output
  • Place of installation: hydroelectric power plant at saltworks in Bex

About Schweizer Salinen AG
Schweizer Salinen is a Swiss salt extraction and processing company. At their three locations in Bex, Riburg and Schweizerhalle, they produce up to 650,000 tons of salt per year and thus supply the whole of Switzerland. The company’s shareholders are all 26 cantons of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

About R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin
R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider of electrical infrastructure products in key markets. The company, founded in 1919, is a well-established and experienced manufacturer of transformers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment.