Power for E-buses with up to 232 people

Sissach, Switzerland, July 2019 – Rauscher & Stoecklin will provide reliable energy supply for multiple buses which are 100% electric and can fit up to 232 people. The new project from Bozankaya, a German/Turkish manufacturer of eco-friendly, energy efficient and silent commercial vehicles, includes the delivery of 250A high current connectors.

The so-called «Sileo» is a fully electric bus for the city. The bus reaches up to 25m in length and up to 70km/h in speed. The space allows a capacity of up to 232 people. The electrical drives of «Sileo» help to protect the microclimate, reduce carbon emissions, reduce noise level in the city and comply with the strict air pollution standards of the EU. «Sileo» uses on average 0,8 kWh/km.

Some specifications about the project:
• 250A high current connectors
• C-Line: compact with a robust plastic housing
• Panel Mounted Female Connectors and Standard Male Connectors
• Delivery mid-June 2019

Rauscher & Stoecklin was chosen by Bozankaya as their partner, due to the Swiss quality as well as the high reliability. Our compact C-Line connectors are perfect for applications with limited space conditions.

– Fazli Gervalla, Area Sales Manager Europe/Asia

About Rauscher & Stoecklin
Rauscher & Stoecklin is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider for power products in selected niches. The company, founded in 1919, is a well-established and experienced manufacturer of transformers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment.

  • Industrial electrical connectors for E-buses
  • Industrial plugs for e-buses