Special application of self-protected voltage transformers

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, August 2018 – Back in 2012, Tesar’s research and development team in cooperation with Enel distribution engineers, studied, developed, tested and homologated the so-called SVT – self-protected voltage transformer. The transformers are now used in a special application in the Enel Group distribution networks to feed the auxiliary services for the remote control.

In July 2013, Tesar completed successfully all types and special tests on the SVT prototype at the Sveppi Laboratory in Venice, Italy, witnessed by Enel distribution engineers. Tesar was the first company which obtained homologation for this kind of product. After the initial experimentation period, the use of the self-protected voltage transformers has become very popular and the market demand increased massively. In 2018, Tesar already supplied thousands of SVTs.

The SVT is a special transformer with many benefits:
• protected by a fuse, sealed inside a stainless-steel box
• equipped with suitable brackets for pole mounting or installation inside a dedicated switchboard
• eco-compatible product made with totally disposable materials
• no impact on the environmental system

The self-protected voltage transformers are now used by all companies belonging to Enel Group in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Peru and Romania.

About Tesar
Tesar is part of the Swiss-based R&S Group, a leading provider in selected niches for power products. With manufacturing facilities and offices in Europe, Middle East and South America R&S is a major supplier of transformers and switches for customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sector.

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