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  • Unity Tower “Szkieletor” in Krakow comes to life
  • Railway switches for the Orient/East-Mediterranean Corridor
  • R&S Gradient
    COVID-19: Current measures at R&S as of March 23, 2020
  • GeniLac: Use of lake water to cool and heat buildings
  • Largest solar-powered desalination plant in the world
  • Dry-type transformer with assembled earthing switch
  • Industrial Connectors for 5G Telecommunication Project in Saudi Arabia
  • Airport “Leonardo da Vinci” Rome-Fiumicino
  • Denmark substation
    Service works for medium voltage switches in Denmark
  • New branding R&S
    New Positioning and Branding to exploit Group Synergies and to prevail on the Changing Energy Distribution Market
  • Dirk Soete CEO R&S
    Dirk Soete to Lead the R&S Group to be a Leading Provider of Electrical Infrastructure Products in Key Markets
  • Instrument transformer for EDP
    Instrument Transformers for Portuguese Utility Company EDP
  • Motor drives at SERW
    Another project for end-user Netze BW, Germany
  • Power transformer production
    Power transformer for EFW (energy from waste) heat and power plant in Scotland
  • Traction transformer delivered to Switzerland
    Traction Transformer for DC voltage lines in Switzerland
  • Transformers for Mozoon Towers in Qatar
    MOZOON TOWERS – Iconic Towers in Qatar
  • WOW Hotel and Hotel Apartments in Dubai
    Transformers for WOW Hotel & Hotel Apartments in Dubai
  • High voltage switches at a Substation
    HV disconnectors for Schleswig-Holstein
  • Solar panel field
    Power Transformers for Solar Farm in Spain
  • Solar farm
    Solar Transformers for Russia
  • Plugs for oil platform
    Seawater resistant connectors for oil platform
  • Budapest Railway
    Cooperation with Siemens for Hungarian Railways
  • Opening of testing station at ZREW
    New Modern Testing Station For Power Transformers
  • Tesla charging stations
    Reliable power for Tesla charging stations
  • Galvanization system at SERW
    Investments into galvanization shop
  • CERN tunnel
    9 MVA Transformer for CERN, Switzerland
  • Latvia power transformer
    Low loss power transformers for Latvia
  • Amazon logo
    Transformers for Amazon’s new logistics facility
  • Earthing switches in the dark
    Second project for SEPS
  • Industrial plugs for e-buses
    Power for E-buses with up to 232 people
  • Rauscher & Stoecklin 100 year anniversary
    100-Year Anniversary Rauscher & Stoecklin
  • Power transformers installed in wind park
    Wind Farm Transformers for Poland
  • Isreal Railway project
    Israeli Network Electrification Project
  • Substation with switches
    Successful FAT of 420kV disconnectors for Slovakia
  • Yas Bay Arena Abu Dhabi
    Transformers for Yas Bay Arena in Abu Dhabi
  • Rauscher & Stoecklin switchboard components
    Switch control systems for high-performance grid wind tunnel
  • Museum in Qatar
    Qatar’s new national museum “Desert Rose”
  • High voltage switches at a Substation
    Adapted disconnectors for higher terminal load for Thüringer Energienetze GmbH
  • City in Germany
    Delivery of EHV disconnectors and earthing switches for E.DIS Netz GmbH, Germany
  • Lodz University of Technology
    Cooperation with Lodz University of Technology
  • Distribution transformer production
    Rauscher & Stoecklin researches the implementation of digitalization in the distribution transformer business
  • Ferrari logistics centre
    New Automotive Project for Ferrari
  • Milan Skyline
    Tesar in Milan Skyline – The new directional skyscraper of Porta Nuova
  • Power Transformers for wood-based panel manufacturer
    Power transformer for wood-based panel manufacturer
  • High voltage switch service at SERW
    Reliable energy supply for Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Industrial electrical connector for Tunnel in Austria
    High current connectors for world’s longest tunnel
  • Substation with disconnectors in Czech Republic
    6 million value frame contract from ČEPS
  • Circle Park Switzerland
    Transformers for the Circle at Zurich Airport
  • Elisabetta Bragagni speaks at Holy Mass Tesar
    Holy Mass at Tesar Italy
  • disconnectors for substation
    New project for E.ON Distribuce
  • Power transformer being installed
    First delivery of power transformer outside the EU
  • Reem mall in Abu Dhabi
    Biggest mall in Abu Dhabi
  • DEWA Supplier Award
    Our Business Year 2018 at a Glance
  • Switches for Turkish railway operator
    Konya – Karaman Electrification Project
  • Medium voltage disconnectors in winter
    Delivery of MV disconnectors for ČEZ Distribuce
  • Chinese high speed train
    Connectors for Chinese high-speed trains
  • Power transformers at substation in Poland
    First power transformer project for ČEZ Group
  • Hamburger Hochbahn train
    Highly efficient transformers for Hamburger HOCHBAHN
  • Railway switch double
    Re-electrification of several Belgian rail lines
  • Transformers being transported with helicopter
    Transformers for hydroelectric power plants
  • Czech Substation
    Project for Slovakian transmission system operator SEPS
  • Special power transformer
    The 1000th power transformer
  • Transformers for Valmadrera Cogeneration plant
    Transformer for the Valmadrera Cogeneration Plant
  • Conference power transformer
    Conference about modern and advanced technologies in power transformers
  • Substation with disconnectors in Czech Republic
    New project for ČEPS
  • Antalya Turkish railways
    New Antalya Light Rail Line
  • E-Dumper with industrial electrical plug
    Biggest electric vehicle in the world
  • Switchgear medium voltage switches
    Modernization of the railway station Horní Cerekev
  • Transformer measuring device
    Service around the clock
  • Mike Lauper
    Interview with R&S CEO Mike Lauper
  • Assembling disconnectors
    Challenging project for Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG
  • Meetings at Energetab Poland
    Latest product innovations at ENERGETAB
  • Self-protected voltage transformer
    Special application of self-protected voltage transformers
  • energy grid lines
    Custom-made disconnector for Statnett, Norway
  • New office Dubai
    New office in Dubai
  • Power transformer passed KEMA certificate
    Gold KEMA certificate of short-circuit performance
  • Transformer transportation with cableway
    Matterhorn region Switzerland
  • Power transformer being delivered to Tauron Dystrybucja Poland
    Record-breaking order for TAURON Dystrybucja
  • Transformer for Football Stadium Qatar
    Power supply for the Football World Cup 2022
  • Tramway in Casablanca
    Tramway Casablanca
  • Discussions at Powertage in Switzerland
    Successful three days at Powertage 2018
  • Assembly method for disconnectors
    New assembly method for disconnectors
  • Chiasso trainstation
    Chiasso Substation
  • Modern gas and steam block Poland
    Power transformers for the most modern gas and steam block in Poland
  • Louvre in Abu Dhabi
    The Louvre in Abu Dhabi
  • Airport in Oman
    Muscat International Airport in Oman